We are a UNITY of Centre Right and Centre Left ideals – Big Issues – Made Simple!

Let’s make London safe again

Transform our London Police Force into becoming the envy of the world, to include replenishing the numbers, re-opening local stations, re-training in restraint techniques and enhanced communication with the general public.   Let’s make London safe again.

Border Control Taskforce

We would instigate a stringent Border Control Taskforce to manage our porous borders at all main ports of entry, air, boat and rail, paying careful attention to the illegal smuggling of drugs, goods and people into the country.  We are committed to manning our borders with precision and implementing careful management of immigration.  The threat of Islamic fundamentalism is real.

Housing Scheme

To introduce a revolutionary new-style housing scheme, countrywide, appealing to families, Local Authority Social Housing and homeless single people.

National Health Services

Raising funds for National Health Services thus increasing staff & training facilities to include amenities for mental health, drink & drug dependency, care-in-the-community, physical health, home visits.

Educational system

Vocational & Technical streams must be re-instated in the educational system not just academic qualifications. Attention must also be paid to discipline and respect without which learning is not achieved.


Communication with the people – and between the people.

Better Care Facilities

Produce programmes to create better care facilities for children, the disabled, mental health and the elderly – particularly respite care and convalescent facilities for short-term use.  Alleviate bed blocking.

A fair days’ work for a fair day’s pay

Abolish poverty amongst the working poor, e.g., those who work hard and survive only to pay the bills.  We will introduce better working conditions.  A fair days’ work for a fair day’s pay, e.g., a fair hourly rate, to include job creation, apprenticeships and community projects for the youth.

The Armed Forces Covenant

The Armed Forces Covenant states that; – “a promise from the nation that those who serve, or have served, and their families, are treated fairly.”   But we do not believe this Covenant is being kept, either for those in the Forces today or their after-care when they retire.

Prison Reform

Prison Reform should include rehabilitation, educational studying, physical fitness & hard labour, eliminating drug dependency within prisons, including an emphasis on “going cold turkey” and counselling.

Alternative Energy Sources

Attention to alternative energy sources and innovative forward-thinking technology, specifically to address current situations and all tactics involved in pollution reduction.

English Parliament

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland already have “devolved powers”.  Formation of an English Parliament is a practical solution to this issue, but should not constitute the break-up of Great Britain.

Export Potential

Accentuate our Export Potential, e.g., our Technical Abilities, IT Expertise, Financial Services, Scientific Research and Educational Facilities.

British Sovereignty

Solidifying British Sovereignty, by acknowledging the Crown and bringing our Commonwealth Realms back into close communication, thus enhancing trade.

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