As Mayor of London, I have a dedicated ambition to help abate Gun & Knife Crime.  To this end I have formulated various Policies          (Read my Website)


1.Pressure the PM to deploy Peace-keeping

Army Units on our streets.  Free our depleted Police Force.
We are facing an Urban Drugs War, guns, knives and drug barons!  We must reduce the rise of terrorism, with
immediate effect, thus notifying the rest of the world that we mean business.



2.   Regain control of London’s borders.  Stop  illegal products,
fire-arms, drugs & people trafficking from entering the UK, by Road, Rail, River and Air, including the Postal Service.

3.Boost Police numbers now, by encouraging retired Police Officers to return,

Their invaluable experience and expertise, is priceless.  We cannot wait 3 years for new recruits to be

4.   More emphasis on Youth Initiatives is paramount,
particularly After-school Clubs, Sport, Mentoring schemes, Mental health
counselling, Education and the Arts.

5.Make London Cleaner. 

Our filthy streets require pressure cleaning, gum removal and litter penalties. Where is
our sense of pride?

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”

– says an ancient Hebrew Proverb.


6.   Make London Greener.  Plant Roadside Hedges along congested Streets.  Nature is the natural solution to Carbon Capture.   Landscaping road edges will combat pollution
– and brighten our day!

7.   Look after our Veterans and Homeless, with new
innovative Temporary Housing Schemes, mental health facilities and community
centres for those rendered homeless.

8.   Reduce travel costs.  Invest in Energy-Capture-Infrastructure, Across the whole of TfL.

If anyone can – Winston can!

WINSTON McKENZIE is the Charismatic, Christian, former Boxing Champion, Leader of UNITY
, standing for the Office of MAYOR OF LONDON 2020.

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