The most important issues in Great Britain today are: –

Immigration | Homelessness | Police | Terrorism | NHS | Unemployment | Education | Democracy | Liberty | Independence

We shall work on Policy Strategies, and the difference between Unity in Action and other Political Parties.

We shall respect the Institution of the Monarchy at all times, and acknowledge that we are a Christian Country.

We commit to do our duty to Sovereign and country, and foster our links with the Commonwealth.

We will serve the British people unreservedly.

“Our Aims & Objectives”

Let’s make London safe again

Transform our London Police Force into becoming the envy of the world, to include replenishing the numbers, re-opening local stations, re-training in restraint techniques and enhanced communication with the general public.   Let’s make London safe again.

Border Control Taskforce

We would instigate a stringent Border Control Taskforce to manage our porous borders at all main ports of entry, air, boat and rail, paying careful attention to the illegal smuggling of drugs, goods and people into the country.  We are committed to manning our borders with precision and implementing careful management of immigration.  The threat of Islamic fundamentalism is real.

New Style housing scheme

To introduce a revolutionary new-style housing scheme, countrywide, appealing to families, Local Authority Social Housing and homeless single people.

National Health Services

Raising funds for National Health Services thus increasing staff & training facilities to include amenities for mental health, drink & drug dependency, care-in-the-community, physical health, home visits.


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